We think it’s only reasonable to constantly expect to work with the best court reporters in a sector where accuracy and timeliness are paramount. You just cannot accept subpar performance in this industry. Working with a firm that values your time and reputation as much as we do means you’ll have access to the best customer service in the industry. Working with us, you’ll avoid the hassles of being “just another name” in a customer database that doesn’t belong to you.

By hand, we choose only the best

All of the court reporters tampa have been subjected to a thorough background check.  Our “hand-picked” method is the distinguishing feature that we believe sets us apart from other large court reporting businesses.

Many large, nationwide corporations have a system in place wherein they notify all local court reporters by mass email whenever they get a request for a court reporter. The legal firm that is usually in charge of assigning court reporters to cases has little to no experience with them.  They have never met the reporter, and they have no way of knowing how well they did their job. They don’t check the sources or interview the journalist.

Introducing Court Reporters: What They Do and How They Can Help

It would be impossible to exaggerate the value of court reporters to the legal system. Using high-tech equipment and their skills as shorthand writers, they record every word said in court. This ensures a true depiction of the events.

Reporters in the legal system are held to a very high standard of precision. Both orientations may benefit from this pinpoint accuracy. To effectively record each statement with its own abbreviation, they will essentially need to learn a new language. Then they must be able to convert the code back into human-readable form.

If the reporter is called to testify in court, having such a record will be invaluable. They may review all of the court proceedings for themselves, putting a stop to the continuous “he said, she said” debate.

Judicial Reporters’ Role in Proceedings

Court reporters not only give an accurate record of the proceedings, but also help maintain a courteous and dignified environment for all parties. People tend to feel upset at trials involving loved ones or for criminal offences, but knowing they are being recorded may help them preserve their composure. Professional court reporters guarantee their customers have access to verifiably correct records by adhering to the highest standards of accuracy in their work.

Finding the Right Court Reporter for Your Needs

Finding a qualified court reporter is a simple online search away. Reviews from people who have worked with certain reporters in the past may be found on many different websites. One approach to assure that a reporter will deliver unbiased and accurate information is to verify their certification with an organization. You should give equal weight to a reporter’s qualifications and price when making your decision.


Before hiring a court reporter, make sure you know exactly what you’ll be paying for. You must compensate the reporter for their time, and you may incur additional costs for services like transcripts and video recordings.

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